The problem with the social media is that you don’t own it.

I often get asks from readers about using social media and how to use it in their business.

When I talk about social media with customers the conversation normally starts with Face book and Twitter and then goes from there.

I class social media anywhere you can reach potential customers that you don’t own.

YouTube, Linkin, Pinetrest, blogs forums or any place else you can find leads that fit your customer Avatar.

These (I am sure you can name many more)  are all useful for not only finding leads but also keeping customers informed of the latest information about your company.

But here is the issue I have with them.

You don’t own them.

And anything you don’t own you can’t control.

It reminds me of the early days of the internet when people started to realise how they could build a business on the back of SEO.

They relied on Google (or other search engines) to send them traffic.

This worked really well until the search engines started to update their algorithm which changed the way they indexed sites.

Almost overnight companies that were at the top of search results were nowhere to been seen.

And this has happened more than once.

And there are other stories easy to find from companies that have been banned from Youtube, Facebook, twitter and others.

Often with no reason and no recourse.

And not all social media platforms last. it is an ever changing landscape.

What was popular today totally disappears tomorrow.

Scare mongering?


The point?

By all means use social media it a must now days…but use it on your terms.

Use it to drive traffic to your business and then find ways to get that traffic to join your email list.

Even if you use a platform like Amazon or Ebay you should always look for ways to get customers back to your own website and onto your list.


Well read my free ebook “How to double your turnover in 90 days or less” and all will become clear.

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