Selling is about asking questions.

Whether you do that directly or indirectly (by offering choices) you need to ask question in order to find out what your customers actually want.

When I recently took a consultancy course the “The Dan Sullivan Question” was promoted as a good way you get to understand the needs of your clients.

As always when I am told about a new book I am straight off to the Kindle market place to get myself a copy.

Now I must admit I was surprised there was a whole book describing one question.

But when you realise how powerful this question could be then it makes sense that Dan takes a whole book to cover it in detail.

Now of course I can’t just come out and tell you the question. But I can give you some reasons why you may find it useful.

The Dan Sullivan Question is about asking your prospect what they want and asking them to think about the answer from a future stand point.

By phrasing the question correctly (as Dan describes) you can get your prospect to consider the answer from a professional and personal perspective.

It makes sense…

If you ask a small business owner what they want more of?

They could quite possibly answer with…”More Sales”

But why do they want more sales?

You may say to make more money.

But why do they want to make more money?

So they can take on more staff?
So they can afford big premises?
So they could get a bigger car?
So they could invest in more stock?

Generally “More Sales” isn’t a motivator.

But if you find out they want more sales so they can make more money to take on more staff so they can work less…

…Then “work less” is probably their real motivation not “more sales.”

Using The Dan Sullivan question allows you to get to this information quickly.

Although I learned a slightly different version of this question on the consultancy course it was really useful to find out the exact method Dan uses.

I have to admit since learning the question I do now use it when meeting new clients.

The wording of the questions always surprises them which is why I think they are happy to answer.

The question allows me to really focus on the customer and their needs.

You can get the Dan Sullivan Question here


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