What makes you different?

what makes you different

Finding ways to show you are different from your competition and letting your customers know is a must for any business.

It’s easy to start thinking that the only way you can beat the competition is on price when survey after survey has shown that is not always the top reason why people buy.

When starting off you may feel that being the cheapest is the only way to gain traction but as you grow and your costs increase then it becomes more difficult to compete on price.

Also running your business this way can mean you only end up with customers that want the cheapest price and as soon as your not…then they find someone else.

That’s why finding a different reason why your customer should buy from you and making sure your customers get the message should be a priority.

Getting this message right often means you can charge more for a similar service to your competition.

It could be that you deliver quicker.

Or you give a better warranty.

Or you add something to the product your customers cant copy.

Or you have a certain skill that your competition doesn’t

In some cases you can differentiate your service by giving it a slightly different name or aiming at client that has a particular need.

If you look at the customers you have already serviced you may find there is a common theme running through them.

You will also probably find you make more money from a particular group of customers either because you can charge them more or they come back to you more often.

Finding out what makes you different and using it to attract customers is a much better way win customers rather that just worrying about the price.

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