This top 5 business tool list is for tools that could help grow your business.

They are tools that can help you increase conversion of leads to sales, increase your Average Order Value and Increase the number of orders a customer places with you over time (Life time value).

These are tools that help you improve the customer experience and so helping to increase turnover.

They are my top 5 must have tools.

1. Analytics.
You have to a have way of measuring everything in your business and it starts with basic analytics like Google Analytics.

2. Email list hosting.
If you want a way to make money easily and quickly and to get people back to your website or business then email is the easiest and cheapest way to do it.

Get one with a CRM like Infusionsoft and you can do even more.

3. A/B Testing.
Split testing is an essential tool for growing your business and testing ideas in a controlled environment. It also allows you to create bench marks or controls that you can try to beat by testing better versions. There are many tools to do this and Google Analytics is a good free option to start with.

4. Database.
If you’re serious about growing a business you need to have a database of customers that allows you to query your order information. Also you want to be able to gradually increase the information you have about each customer.

5.Survey software.
Using surveys to improve your business is a must and can help you find out a lot about your customers and their feelings about your business. There are many 3rd party options available free and paid for. Survey Monkey is one.

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