The Sales Process and response indicators.

When I talk to people and businesses about improving sales one of the first things I try to find out is their sales process.

If we took a cloths store it could be that most people try on clothing before they buy or need to see how the clothing looks against them in a mirror.

Cloths shop sales process

Cloths shop sales process

We call these response indicators and they tell us an action we need to get the customer to take before they buy.

On the internet this could be signing up to our newsletter then reading or watching content not available on your website.

Or it could be a certain path that a customer normally takes through your website before they buy.

On their own response indicators are a very powerful tool and allow you to really consider how you can get your customer to take those actions and so increasing the chance of a sale.

Add dynamic behavioural response marketing into the mix and conversion can improve dramatically.

By understanding our response indicators we can move people along the sales process but only if they take the actions we know they need to take in order to purchase.

Response Indicator Mind Map Bubbl

Response Indicator Mind Map Bubbl

By using this method we could also test how effective each stage is with a call to action after they complete each response indicator.

Response Indicator Mind Map Bubbl with sales test

Response Indicator Mind Map Bubbl with sales test

We can also change and test sales messages at each drop off along the sales process.

Although this seems like it could be a lot of work (and it can be) the increase in sales and happy customers make it worthwhile.

It also prevents “list burnout” because we are only sending our sales message to people who have continued to be interested in our message.

Those that dropped out even after we tried to get them to take the action can be used to test other ideas without affecting the people who really are interested in what we have to say and could become buyers.

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