The “Weirding module” from the sci-fi story “Dune” was an instrument that allowed the Fremen warriors to turn sounds and even words in to a force that could be used as a weapon.

You don’t really want to think of your keyboard as a weapon but using the right words it can be used to make a very good living.

Think of is as your own Weirding module.

Unlike the sounds and words that could be used to do bad things you can use them to do good (and make some money).

If you have ever studied NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) then you will know that the words we use and the way we use them can have an influence on the decisions people make.

I remember one of my first sales lessons where I was taught the power of “Yes”.

One of the sentences we were taught to use was…

“I think you will agree…”

This started with statements that could not really be argued with…

“I think you will agree that including the safety cut of switch is an important safety feature”


Had to be a yes…


“I think you will agree that with all the extras I have just thrown in…this is an amazing price”

The sentence could also help you to learn what objections still existed.

I have used this effectively in sales pages as well.

Whenever you write to sell or persuade or even to get a click in an email. Remember that your goal is to get a yes.

And the more often you get the viewer to agree the better chance you have of getting them to take that action.

Wouldn’t you agree? : – )

But be very conscious of writing something that could create a “No”.

Especially before you have some yeses.

I would never start an email or sales page with a statement…

“I think you will agree red is better than blue…”

50/50 chance of a “No”.

Of course you have to use that sentence sparingly…but there are other ways you can get a reader to say yes:

“I know you already know that today is Valentine’s day?”

“You do right?”

“Yes of course you do…well if not you do now…”

If they didn’t know when they first read the statement they certainly were saying “Yes” by the third one.

Bingo first yes (or maybe even 3)!


Until next time.


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