As marketers and business owners sometimes we want to shock people a little to get their attention.

I first came across the “Do you hate me” email in a book by Ryan Levesque called “Ask ”.

This book is about creating survey’s to find out more about your customers and why they haven’t purchased from you.

In the book Ryan shares his sales and marketing funnels.

If a customer goes through the funnel and doesn’t purchase, then Ryan wants to find out why.

The “Do you hate me?” email is normally strong enough to get more people than normal to open up the email.

In the email you clarify that you know they don’t really hate you but you need their help.

By the way I wouldn’t use this heading in a sales email unless you want to get “Hate” mail.

I use it (as suggested by Ryan) to get feedback.

Here is an example of one of mine…

I was wondering if you could help me out…

I noticed you haven’t taken me up on the offer…

so I was wondering if you would do me a big favour and tell me why?

Just a quick 30 seconds to fill in a box.

Click Here to help.

It’s your chance to let us know where we got it wrong.

Or what you felt we didn’t give you enough information about.

Ok I know you probably don’t hate me 🙂 …

…But it would still be great to hear why you didn’t want my offer.

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

So I clarify in the email that I know they don’t hate me.

Apart from the subject line getting people to open the email this idea works in two ways.

One a lot more people do click the link to fill out the “Open” question survey…

…And you also get people personally emailing you explaining that they don’t hate you and why they didn’t or haven’t ordered yet.

One other thing…Do not use this email more than once in any funnel.

It’s a one-time shock email to get the reader to take action.

I must admit when I first tried it I was a little apprehensive about how people would react to it.

I have to admit though since using it exactly how Ryan suggest it has given me some amazing feedback.

And I now use it in any funnel I create.

Ryan’s book Ask is available on Amazon.


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