You can be shown a map to where the gold is but unless you get off your backside and follow it then you will never find it.

Here is a little map for you that could lead to plenty of new clients (Gold).

I call it the “Blog Twister” and it is a way of turning a simple blog post into
chance of generating 100’s if not 1000’s of new leads.

The idea is that you get as much millage out of a blog post as possible.

Here are the basic steps.

1.You write and informative blog post (not a sales pitch) with content that is interesting to your target market.

Something along the lines of “The top 5 ways to…”

2. You write an introduction to the post that you can use for your email list,
Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or any social media site that will allow you to do this

3. You turn the blog post into a video and put it on YouTube (or anywhere you can post videos).
They are the basic 3 steps but there is a lot more you can do…


Wait until you have a few that cover your subject then make them into a free or very low cost kindle book that is just for lead generation.

One that I have been showing clients lately is to use the audio to create a Podcast from itso that you can use the iTunes podcast directory.

This idea works better if you make it a weekly (or more often) occurrence especially if you are going to make it into a podcast.

This is one of the techniques that you can use to get fresh leads for your business.

I discuss others in my free report.

Growing a business is the subject of my free report called:
“How to double your turnover in 90 days or less”

Here is the link to get it.


P.S. If your new to business, struggling to grow or just want to have a more structured way to build you company then you don’t want to miss my free pdf.

In there I describe my “Biz-Life-Line” system which helped me turn around my own company.

It’s not some crazy “Get rich scheme” it’s proper business sense!

Here is the link again…

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