As you probably can guess I like helping people :- )

One of my hobbies is Agility where you run the dogs around a course with jumps, tunnels and other equipment.

I also teach people the sport and last night I had a training session with 15 people.

I was showing them how to run a Steeple chase course and how they have to combine speed and accuracy to get around it in the quickest time.

It’s kind of my “Unwind” hobby because that’s all I think about when I am training.

I learned a long time back that balance is important when it comes to business and you have to have some “Relax” time just to allow your brain chance to rest.

Anyway yesterday I was watching this video from some guy talking about selling to your current customers…

(It’s also something I go on about all the time and show in my 10 Proven methods to Unlock Extra Cash From Your Business )

Anyway he had a bit of an outrageous style so  I thought “why not add myself to his email list and find out a bit more about him“.

So I filled in my details and pressed “Submit” and to my surprise got taken to the standard “Thank you an email has been sent to confirm your opt-in” page.

To be honest I was a bit disappointed…

…Running a business is about maximising every opportunity you can, to keep your customer interested in what you do.

This guy spends half his life creating videos so why not use the “thank you page” opportunity to introduce one of his products or even tell people a bit more about what he does.

If someone fills out an Opt-in form they have gone from a cold to warm lead and could even be a hot lead that wants to buy something from you.

The trick is to put a message at the top of the page…

Thank you for signing up the details have been sent to your email address and should arrive within 15 minutes…

…While you wait we have some news for you

That’s how simple it can be.

You now have an ideal opportunity to tell a person more about your products or service and if your bold even sell something to them.

Until next time.


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