I have been hearing a lot about meetup groups and actually attended a couple of the last few months.

After thinking about it for a while and watching a video from (Kat Halushka ) I decided to create my own group called “Swindon Business Growth Group


The first event will be on the 22nd of August 2017 from 12 to 2pm.

The plan for the meetups is to have a one hour presentation about growing your business and then a Q & A session along with a natter and a bit of networking.

(Strictly no pitching!)

I am hoping it will attract small to medium size business owners that are keen to grow their businesses strategically.

It’s easy to pick one area of your business like “Traffic” and spend all your time, money and resources on that one thing…

…But to create a sustainable business that will continually grow you have to concentrate on other parts of your business as well.

Conversion, Average order value, lifetime value of a customer and costs.

As I always like saying “It’s not just about traffic”.

If your in the Swindon area and you have a couple of hours on Tuesday please come along…

It’s free and formal but could help you find a new way to grow your business.

Please RSVP me here:


Until Next time.


P.S. This will be great opportunity to find out how you can almost double your turnover without changing your traffic strategy.

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