One of the big issues of having your own prospect or buyers email list is preventing list burnout.

Our goal from any list is to maximise ROI by generating sales and hopefully good will.

To do this we have to find a balance between content/offer frequency.

Depending on who you listen to (and there are a lot of of opinions) this can range to sending out email as frequently as once a day to as low as once a month.

My own research shows that the more emails you send the more sales you make and I think one a day for a lot of businesses (Amazon already do this) will become the norm.

But to do this you really need to make sure your messaging resonates with your readers otherwise your open rates and clickthroughs will diminish quickly causing the dreaded list burnout.

The key here is to use dynamic behavourial response marketing (DBRM) to segment your lists into specific groups that allows you to send a special message that appeals to that group.

By building a marketing and sales funnel that segments your list based on their behaviour within your funnel you can create an opportunity to give each of them a message that they are more likely to open and react upon.

When working with companies it is not unusual to find that they haven’t even segmented their prospects from their buyers which is the very first thing you have to do.

To get this to work properly it is important to understand

1 your customer groups
2 your customers sales process

Many companies believe any one could be a customer but this is rarely true. In fact the more likely scenario is that you have specific avatar of potential buyers.

Within that avatar group you will find 2 or more segments that are likely to react better when the message is targeted specifically to them.

DBRM helps you define the overal group and also the segments within it.

This also helps you define your sales and marketing message to attract the prospects that are most likely to buy from you.

This in turn reduces advertising cost because you can again be more specific on your target market.

If you would like help putting a DBRM campaign in place please contact me.



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