Getting a second or third order from your customer can sometimes need a little forward planning.

One of my businesses is creating software for a specialised niche.

My customers pay a subscription to use the software monthly.

But my goal is to get them to also purchase at least one other product from me each month.

So it is important to keep them happy so they continue to pay the monthly subscription.

And also to let them know about other products that they should be interested in.

This is how I do it…

I plan one upgrade to the software per month (Which normally happens near the end of the month).

In my first 5 emails of the month (week 1)  I tell them about the new upgrade we going to introduce and how that is going to benefit them.

This should keep them interested in the software and it shows we are committed to improvements.

And often the upgrade has been suggested by a customer so we can show we also listen.

In my second 5 emails (week 2) I let them know about another product that I have just finished, updated or opened again.

I tend to make my secondary products in this niche only available for one or two weeks.

This allows me to add scarcity and have an excuse for testing different price ranges.

Sometimes I may do more than 1 offer over this two weeks period.

Wee 4 (to the end of the month) I go back to talking about the upgrade and giving them the exact date they can download the updated version.

Why does this work so well?

I think in this case we build trust by showing we care about our main product and are committed to improvements. We show this is our main priority.

It also builds excitement about the new upgrade.

Which means when I introduce a new product they are more open to have a look and probably purchase.

We also condition them to know that these offers are only available for a limited time and at a special price and often a limited quantity as well.

The end results is we increase our average number of orders per customer.

We also worked to increasing the average spend as well.

I have helped other companies use this idea in one way or another and in every case it works.

Maybe it will for you.



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