Most recently I signed up to “Deadline Funnel”.

This neat piece of software allows you to add live countdown timers to your webpages and emails.

And you can automatically set a before and after (sold out) page.

But the real beauty is….

It can be used in evergreen funnels because the timing is based on when the visitor first gets tagged in the system.

Scarcity offers are a great way to get visitors to take action quickly and can help with your conversion rate in a number of places.

  1. Opt-in forms for freebies.
  2. Special offers
  3. Up-sell or down-sell offers
  4. One time offers.

Deadline funnels allows you to sync countdowns so that a visitor will see his own version of the countdown depending on when they first got tagged.

As a “For Instance”…

You can set a timer for a campaign that allows a visitor 48 hours to download a free gift.

When they first hit the page with the timer the 48hrs countdown will start.

If they come back to that page 24 hrs later it will show they now have only 24hrs left.

This is far better than using countdown timers that reset when the web page is refreshed.

But the real beauty is you can also send emails that will also shows the time left until the offer expires.

Again this looks far better than saying “You only have one day left”.

With Deadline Funnels you can also show the date when the offer expires in the email based on when they were first tagged.

Although I use Aweber and Getresponse. I am using Infusionsoft for most of my sales funnel’s now…

…Just purely because I find it more flexible than the other two when creating these kind of funnels.

Deadline funnels also has API integration for Infusionsoft (and others) which means you can add different timers throughout your campaign.

I must admit I am a fan of Jack Born and the tools he creates.

I also use his AWprotools for some of my older Aweber funnels.

But he has put a lot of thought into Deadline Funnel and it is really flexible.

My only small complaint (and it is small) is that you can change the graphics on the pages to show hours, Minutes, seconds but the email graphics always show Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds (unless I have missed something).

But it is a small issue when you consider the benefits of using countdown timers.

My only word of warning…

Make sure if you are going to use this technique that you do expire the offers.

You will lose integrity quickly if you don’t add the expire pages.

Here is the link to Deadline Funnel.
(not an affiliate link)


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