We all need more traffic but do we really?

If you ask most business owners what they need most. The answer is normally “More Traffic” followed by “more sales”.

But between those two lies a little thing called “Conversion”.

And it is an area a lot of business seem to neglect or don’t take as seriously as they should.

Let me show you why it is such an important part of your business.

Imagine on average you have a 1000 new visitors to your website a month and you convert 2% of these visitors to sales.

That’s 20 orders. If each order was worth £47 that would be £940 in sales per 1000 visitors.

Now what if…

It doesn’t matter what you do, you cannot get more than 1000 new visitors per month.

So the only way to get more sales is to convert more of those visitors to sales.

And after testing and trying out new ideas you manage to go from 2% to 3% conversion.

That’s now 30 per 1000 new visitors or £1410.

An extra £470 just by a 1% increase in conversion.

But let’s look at it one other way…

£940 / 1000 = 0.94
£1410 / 1000 = 1.41

Now a new visitor to your website goes from being worth 0.94p to £1.41.

Conversion is hidden gold and it is one of 4 key areas you should spend a big part of your time focussing on.


A/B split testing.
Split testing your web pages, emails, opt-in forms, sales pages, basket, cart, order pages and anywhere else you interact with customers is a must.

Sales process.
Understanding your sales process and what it takes to lead your customer to a sale can help increase conversion.

Understanding your customer is a must if you are going to maximise sales.

Follow up sequence.
It still amazes me the number of businesses I come across who have an opt-in for list building but don’t do anything with it.

When a simple 7 to 10 email follow up sequence can increase conversion immediately.

Take conversion seriously and you should see your customer value grow.

What are the other 3 areas?

Download my free “How to double your turnover in 90 days or less” report to find out.




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