If you are looking for a quick way to boost profits then increasing a customer average spend at the checkout is a great place to start.

It has always been known that when a customer is ready to buy and has their wallet open and card at the ready…

…It doesn’t take much to get them to spend a little a more as long as you can offer them something that complements the product they are purchasing.

Amazon worked this out a long time ago and you can see many place where they offer their customers the opportunity to purchase similar items as well as this fast delivery options.

Just getting your customer to spend one more £1 with you can have a massive effect on your businesses.

But the real trick to doing this is to make sure the offer enhances the purchase they are about to make.

When I help my own clients with this we look at 3 main areas to start with.

Enhancements (upgrades)
This could be extra features, more powerful features, more automation anything that can improve the main product.

Products that complement the main purchase.
This could be spares, something that makes the main product easier to use etc.

Experience enhancements.

This could be warranties, quicker delivery, quicker or more personal support.

Although know where near an  exhaustive list it gives you some ideas.

These upgrades can be used during the shopping experience and before checkout, at checkout or after checkout.

When used after checkout we call this “One click” up-sell or down-sell and can be a very powerful way of increasing the average order value.

Normally we first try to offer something more expensive (up-sell) but if the customer declines then it we offer then something less expensive (down-sell).

It is not unusual to see a 25% take-up on an upsell.

Food and convenience Stores have traditionally used the checkouts to show you a number of low cost purchases while you’re waiting to pay for your goods.

And in more recent time’s checkout assistance have begun to ask if you want to buy a “special” when you pay.

Although I know this will help I feel they have often missed the point because many of the offers are not congruent with the products you may be purchasing.

But at the same time you have to accept any offer is better than no offer at all.

Just try it and see what a difference it makes to your average order value.

If you need any help then please let me know.



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