Have you noticed that your getting a lot of emails that say things like…

Let me know if you have any questions…


Please let me know that you received this email ok

Why is that?

Well the simple answer is that it helps your email list look legitimate.

Email marketing can tend to be one sided. In fact I see many with a return addresses like “Noreply@”

When there is no interaction between the sender of an email and the recipient the ISP’s start to consider the emails as spam.

Add to this that many people will not read the email, send it to trash or even block it then this just adds to their suspicion.

By trying to get some interaction between you and your reader at the beginning will help towards you being a “Trusted” sender.

If your going to use this technique you will have to remember that to make it work there has to be interaction.

If someone sends you an email make sure you send one back.

Otherwise it won’t look like a proper conversation and the sender will probably get a little upset.

You can use the technique in a number of ways:

Hi can you just confirm you did get your download…just hit reply and say…

Got it

Just hit reply to this email with your one biggest question about x

Let me know which you prefer…Red or Orange…just hit reply

I am curious you don’t seem to be opening my emails…Can you let me know why?

If you have a follow up sequence in place remember to ask for a reply as often as you can.

You can also use this idea to get valuable feedback…

“I noticed that you still haven’t purchased xxx…

Would you please do me a favour and reply to this email giving me the number one reason why that  is.”

There are plenty of opportunities to ask for a reply you just have to find out where and to make sure they are sincere.

Until Next Time

Email Marketing Specialist.

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