We all know that it is important to focus.

Focus on your goals

Focus on where you want your business to go.

The problem is that a business is made up of many parts and it’s easy to end up focusing on one single piece, rather than the whole.

Often small business owners get so caught up in the day to day running that they forget to spend some time focusing on the long term goals of a business.

I find that many business owners will focus on “Getting more traffic” while forgetting to spend time  on:

Average order value
Lifetime value of a customer
And even costs.

Where sometimes you can make just as much progress in the growth of your business in these areas as you can with some extra traffic.

When it comes to running your business you are going to have to realise that although focus is important…

…You need to split it between all parts of your business.

If you want some help with knowing which parts of your business to focus on then please get in touch.

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