Facebook Tracking Pixel

The hottest subject everywhere at the moment seems to be about “Facebook Advertising”.

FaceBook Tracking Pixel

“Simple steps to Facebook advertising”
“Facebook advertising Blueprint”

You get the idea.

The reason for this is that Facebook advertising can be really good when done correctly…

…But done badly it can be very expensive.

There are a number of ways you can advertise on Facebook from using a “call to action” buttons to multiple “timeline” adds.

Each needs to be tested to find the one that works best for your offer.

Then there are Facbook advertising rules that if broken could get your account actually shut.

So before you even consider advertising on Facebook either make sure you understand the rules or get someone to help you with them.

The reason why Facebook advertising is so popular is because you can target specific demographics and interests really well.
The one big tip I would give you though…

….Is to install the Facebook tracking pixel as soon as possible on every page on your website.

If you have an opt-in thank you page (which you should) add a “Event Code” on that page.

Once installed Facebook will start gathering information about your site users which you can use to help target your customer demographics if and when you decide to advertise.

The better you target your Facebook ads the more cost effective your advertising will be.

So don’t delay install that tracking pixel today!

Just so you know it’s pretty easy to do…

While on Facebook click the (top right hand of the page in the blue bar)
Select “Manage Adverts”
Click On the 3 lines to the left of “Facebook Adverts” and select “Pixels”
Click “Set up pixel”
Most people probably use “Copy and paste the code”

You just take the code and add it into every page on your website.

If you need help then please let me know.

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