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The Complete Email Guide

email guide
This 22 Page report takes you through how to get into email marketing.

It covers things like:

  • Why an email list is an amazing asset (It really is!)
  • Finding a company to host your list (Not all of them are equal)
  • The Micro Yes (It’s those little yeses that count)
  • The Lead Magnet (Capturing leads)
  • Lead Magnet Delivery (You better get this right)
  • Capturing Leads 
  • Double or Single opt-in (Should you or shouldn’t you)
  • Dealing with “Spam” complaints (Yep we get them)
  • Follow up series (7 days)
  • Writing your email (Each part discussed)
  • When to send emails (Timing is important)
  • How often to send emails (How many get this wrong).
  • Dynamic Behavourial Response Marketing (Introduction)

And more…

Just £7