Email – Curiosity killed the cat?

Not a very nice saying but now apply it to email marketing titles.

There has been a lot written about different email subject titles and haven written several 1000’s myself…

…I think I am able to give some advice on the subject.

The idea behind an email subject line is to try and get people to open and read the rest of your email.

So a question that comes up a lot is “What’s the best type of subject line”

There is no easy answer to this because a lot will depend on the market and the people who are on your list…

…But experience has shown me that “Curiosity” tends to work well in a lot of markets.

The reason for this is people hate not knowing.

Think about “Soaps” and the way they always leave you hanging so you have to tune into the next espisode.

So how do you put curiosity into your email subject line?

Here are a few ways I use:

“He who dares…”

“Wins” of course.

But people love to make sure they are correct about the answer?

Don’t give the answer straight away or follow it on with something like:

“Well you would think the answer is Wins..but in this case it was not that simple”.

Another could be…


I like using numbers but it doesn’t work well with all lists.

“I am leaving…”

Use this one sparingly because it can work well but not if over used.

“How I lost 50lbs but not the normal way…”

The classic “how to” works well because people get curious about how it was achieved.

“This simple one little trick saved me from going bankrupt…”

Again this is a classic curiosity headline.

Just one word of warning when using curiosity headlines…

Spam Filters

Some headlines are immediately picked up as possible spam especially ones with “How to”, “Trick” and “Your”.

Just remember when thinking about a headline that you want it to relevant but gets the reader curious enough that they want to find the answer.

Until Next Time
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