Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing (DBRM) is the new buzzword going around the internet.

I have been using the concept myself for some time with Aweber and AWprotools.

AW Pro Tools

A tool to use with aweber

(Awprotools allows you to automate the movement of subscribers from one list to another but you can also just tag them for future reference as well.)

The main idea behind DBRM is to give subscribers to your email list an experience based on their actions while on your list.

By using questioning, surveys and links to content you can deliver messages that are more likely to interest your subscriber and hopefully to help  increase sales conversions.

DBRM is not new salesman they have been using the idea for years and years.

A good one will listen to a prospect and tailor their pitch to what they hear.

Most online companies send the same email message out to all their subscribers.

This causes their list to get tired with poor open rates and below average conversions and this also leads to higher complaint rates.

By giving subscribers a chance to vote with their actions we can create a very unique experience.

But more importantly an experience that is matched more with their interest and where they are in the sales process.

Here is a basic example…

A prospect signs up to your email list asking for more information.

Straight after they have opted in you ask them a very simple question.

Are you Male or Female (maybe also “don’t want to say”)

It could be any question that helps you distinguish from a prospect that is more likely to buy your product.

Whats your annual turnover?

Less than £1000000
1 to 10 million
Over 10 million.

Your normal customers may be in the 1 to 10 million category.

Just remember to make this first question simple and easy to answer (multiple choice).

As I mentioned at the start I use Aweber and AWprotools to make this easy.

AWprotools has some unique features that Awebber doesn’t. It’s biggest feature is allowing you to move people from one list to another.

Here is an example of what I mean..

Simple Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing funnel

Dynamic Behavioral Response Marketing funnel map

Once someone has opted into my email list and read my free report I then send further messages about what I do and how I may be able to be a service to them.

Each email is linked to a particular piece of content that should move the prospect nearer to a sale.

But I want to know if they actually consumed the free content.

So I add an AWprotools pixel to each landing page so that I know they consumed (or at least looked at the content).

I can then move them to a new list that gives them further content to drive them to the sale.

If they didn’t consume that content then I try something else.

I have also used this successfully on launch campaigns.

I firstly tell all my list about a new product but I only do this a couple of times…

…If they are not interested after a couple of emails I don’t carry on bombarding them with  messages.

But if they did show an interest by clicking a link I move (or copy) them onto a new list that then starts the sales process.

But here again I do something different…

I only move them through the sales process if they consume the content being offered.

If at anytime during the launch process I lose their interest I stop sending them messages.

And eventually through AWprotools “automation” tool move them back onto the main list.

This is a very powerful concept and one that is going to change the face of email marketing.

Let me know if I can help you with your own Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing setup.


Here is a screen shot of one of my more adventurous client sales funnels.

more complex funnel



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