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The Circle of profit by Anik Singal

I love seeing other people’s business plans.

That’s one of the reasons I picked up a copy (well downloaded to my Kindle) of the “The Circle of Profit” by Anik Singal.


This book covers a full business plan from start to finish.

Although the plan could probably be adapted for deliverable products, it is really based around downloadable informational products.

I wouldn’t call Anik’s idea totally new but it is a full plan that he goes in to great depth to explain.

Anik’s main aim in the book is to get you up and running as quickly as possible with a clear plan of what you have to do in each part of the process.

You don’t even need your own product to start.

Although I questioned if you could make money selling affiliate products while paying for traffic…

…Anik explained the numbers very well.

And even if you couldn’t totally cover your outgoings the affiliate sales would offset much of the cost.

We all know that paying for traffic is an option we all have to consider when building a web based business.

But if you could find some free traffic as well then that would help offset the overall cost.

(Anik suggest list swapping (using his site) as part of your strategy for growing your list.)

Plus if you put in a follow up sequence (which is a must) suggesting other affiliate products. Your average lifetime value of a customer could make it profitable.

Anik rightly says in the The Circle of Profit that you make the real money when you come up with your own product(s).

Again he covers exactly how you can do this in the book.

One thing about the book is that is quite clear that Anik was trying to introduce you to some of his other services.

But I must admit I did join his add swap service for one of my businesses (so I guessed it worked).

The thing I really like about this book is that it is a full businesses plan, from start to finish.

It really does go into a lot of depth and has a number of real life studies from people who have used the The Circle of Profit.

If you’re just starting out or struggling to find a business plan that works then this may just be the book for you.

Check out The Circle of Profit .


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