Cart Abandonment and a simple little email trick

Did you know that over 70% of people who go to your cart shopping page end up not buying?

cart abandoned and a simple email trick

Yeah crazy right.

But according to one article from Barilliance it’s not getting any better

There are probably lots of reasons why this happens and it’s your job to find out which ones you can fix.

Testing your cart page is the first thing you need to and you should look at:

Trust Seals

But there is another simple thing you can do which will help decrease abandonment and increase sales…

…And that is to send an email to people who abandon their carts asking why and enticing them to go back and try again.

With technology now days most companies should be able to find a way of putting into practice this technique.

(Let me know if you need some help with it though)

If you can then great…But you have to be a little careful in the way you go about it.

It can seem quite weird for a customer when an email turns up that has a title like…

We noticed that you didn’t complete your purchase yesterday…

How the heck do you know that?

They may ask.

Also, it could be very easy to upset them so this whole email must written with care.

In my experience, it’s better to immediately put the blame on you like this.


We noticed that you went to place an order yesterday but didn’t complete it…

…We just wanted to check something didn’t go wrong on our end.

If you have a minute could you just reply to this email and let us know if you had a problem with our system.

We would be really grateful if you did.

This straight away tells the customer that although you know they abandoned the cart you don’t know why so you are not accusing them of anything.

You could then go on and write…

We would really like the chance to welcome you as a customer so if there was something else you were not sure about or would like us to clarify, then please again just reply to this email letting us know what it is.

Your feedback is important to us.”

So again, we are not making any assumptions we are just asking them if there was another problem.

Finally, if you have the technology you could offer them a discount for completing the order.

If you are still interested in completing your order click here where you will receive a further 5% off the value of your original order value.

Putting into practice this simple email tactic could increase your sales not only from people who abandoned your cart but also from the changes you can make from the feedback you will get back.

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