I read the Ask Formula by Ryan Levesque sometime ago and immediately started using the concept with my Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing (DBRM) funnels.

I don’t actually think this book will be every ones cup of tea though.

The first part of the book is about Ryan himself and although i like knowing his story it did seem to go on a bit.

But of course you can just miss that part but it does give you some useful background info.

The second reason why you may not get on with this book is because it deals with a lot of concepts about shifting through data to get the info you need to move to the next step.

This is what he calls his “Deep Dive Survey” and it is a concept you really want to learn if you are thinking of using surveys (which you should) to find out more about what your customer wants.

Although Ryan uses this idea before you enter a market to find out what people really want I immediately saw it’s use in funnels to find out more about what my customers want or why they didn’t want it.

There are some other gems in this book as well.

Ryan’s follow up sequence for non buyers and buyers.

It was great to find out what Ryan uses in his own funnel and again it gave me ideas to pass onto my own customers and use in my own funnels.

Ryan’s funnel is linear (one email after another) so I immediately started rewriting it using the DBRM method.

This allowed me to do several things.

  1. Create multiple lists based on the buckets (a term from Ryan) that I have learned from the Deep dive survey.
  2. Taylor my message to each of those buckets which makes it more specific to their problem.
  3. Get more feedback from each bucket specifically to why they didn’t buy even though I created a specific sales message to their problem.
  4. Handle non buyers based on their feedback.
  5. I was also able to create a different bonus message for each list.

The Ask formula was right up my street and a book I have gone back to several times for ideas and if you follow Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing then I think you would find the Ask Formula as interesting as I did.



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