If you want to get more profit quickly this is the fastest way.

Improve your…

Average Number of Orders per Customer.

(I normally round it ANO.)

Customers that purchased from you in the past are much more likely to order from you again.

On average a customer will place one order per month. Unless you give them a reason to do otherwise.

It amazes me when I see companies putting lots of effort into finding and converting new customers. But hardly any trying to re-sell to customers they have already.

A list of customers is worth over 4 times more than a list of prospects.

One of the simplest things you could do is start daily or weekly newsletter just for your customers.

In this “Customer Only” newsletter you keep them informed about new products, updates to older ones and throw in a special offer just for them now and then.

Even give them the chance to order new products before anyone else.

Amazon Prime customers spend on average $17 USD more than non-prime members per transaction.

Customers can forget you far easier than you think.  So unless you actively pursue them and get them to spend again and again they will find someone else to spend with.

You should also be testing price ranges.

A customer may start of spending just £5 with you. That doesn’t been they haven’t got the disposable income to spend £100 or £500 or even £1000 with you.

Never presume how much a customer could spend until you know for sure.


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