A confused mind does nothing

A confused mind does nothing

Often as a company you have a number of services and products you could offer your customer.

If you want to increase your average order value and increase the customer base you can tap into then increasing your offerings is often the way to go.

The danger with this is that if you are not careful you could start to confuse your prospects.

You can see this in play on big sites like Amazon where you can have multiple products from multiple vendors who offer virtually the same thing at roughly the same price.

Who do you choose?
The one that offer Prime?
The one with the best price?
The one with the best feedback?

As the amount of choice goes up so does the confusion.

“A confused mind does nothing”

Of course what’s in Amazons favour is that you are likely to end up choosing one of their vendors and still purchase through their site.

But when you are in a business that has competition from companies offering a similar service then this may lead to the loss of an order.

Sometimes it is better to keep your offer simple on the front end to attract a customer and then offer them upgrades and other choices on the back end after they have purchased.

When your message and offer is simple it is far easier to market than when your are trying to be “All things to all men/woman”.

No one can boast “We can sell to anyone and everyone”.

Even Amazon will admit that even with their range of several hundred million products that still don’t appeal to everyone.

You will be attracting a certain type of customer and your job is to find out who that is and then create a simple message that appeals to them.

That’s what all successful businesses do.

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