If you haven’t heard of my “Blog Twister” yet then boy are you missing out on free traffic.

The idea behind the “Blog Twister” is relatively simple…

You take a standard blog post. Then turn it into media for as many other platforms as possible.

So you should immediately turn it into a video and put it on YouTube and then Facebook.

Creating the video  tends to be the sticking point for many people I show this idea to.

Even now days it’s not the easiest thing to do.

But I found something that if you haven’t heard of before you are going to love.

It’s called “Content Samurai”

This is an amazing bit of kit and makes turning blog posts into videos a breeze.

Now before I go on…

I am not an affiliate and I am not making any money by telling you about this.

I just think you need to see it (if you haven’t already).

It’s a pretty cool piece of kit and allows you to just paste a blog post into the online software which automatically puts it into slides.

You can change the styles, add pictures, background music etc.

Voice over is so simple as well and done in sections to make it really easy.

I got a link in my email this morning that not only gets you a $1 (0.76 pence) trial…

…But also gives you half of the regular monthly price of $97.

Here is the link:

Not sure how long that link will last but if not the main site is here.

Now you have no excuse…

Go twist your blog.

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