If you want free traffic then YouTube should be part of your strategy.

YouTube is a search engine. Just like any other.

It just gives results as videos.

Once you realise this you have a better chance to create videos that people will want to watch and that will rank well.

Here are my top 6 tips to help  improving your YouTube rankings.

  1. You probably already know the keywords specific to your market.
    So it makes sense to create videos around those keywords.A few tricks…Name the video file the same as your keywords.

    Make sure your keywords are in the description (I often post the transcript here).

    Put your key words in annotations (sparingly)

  2. Keep them short.
    One of the statistics YouTube appear to monitor is engagement.This is based on how much of your video is watched.It stands to reason that unless you really can capture your target audience and keep them engaged then a long video has less chance of being watched all the way through.

    But this will also depend on your market.

    I always start with 3 to 5 minutes and then test from there.

    Also keeping them short allows you to create more.

  3. Add your video transcript to the “Subtitles and CC”.This section of YouTube editing allows YouTube to translate your video to different languages.So someone watching your video in a different language can watch your video using subtitles.
  4. Actively ask your viewer to subscribe to your channel.Subscribers can help with views because as soon as you launch a new video they will hear about it.Subscribers are an important statistics for YouTube and so it is important you remind your viewer to subscribe to your channel.
  5. Tell your email list.Whenever you create a new video immediately tell your email list about it.The extra views you get from this immediately will not hurt your rankings and because it is a subject they are interested in they are more likely to watch it all.

    Actively ask them to “like” the video (if they really do).

  6. Batch your videos.I learned this trick from studying other popular video’s.I noticed that they seem to create 5 to 10 videos using the same base Keywords.

    But obviously using a different video and description for each.

    An example could be “fly Quadcopter  ” as your Keyword.

    And then several videos like this:

    “5 tips on learning to fly quatcopters”
    “5 tips to avoid while learning to fly quadcopters”
    “Fly quadcopters easily and quickly with these 5 must have tips”
    “Quadcopter flying made easy”.

One final tip there is no doubt the more video’s you produce the more YouTube values your channel.

So actively add your videos to YouTube every week they know you are serious about their platform.



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