2 Simple Business Tactics That You Need To Know Right Now.

Although I specialise in turning around businesses I also like to start new ones.

There is nothing better than getting a business off to a good start using my eBiz Life Line system.

But looking after the figures and getting tactics in place to allow you to analyse the business is one thing.

To really get a business to grow you need two more important ingredients.

These are both covered in my free PDF but I wanted to give you them here because I think it is vital to your success.

Whether you are just starting on your business journey or you have hit a wall…

What I am about to share with you I have not only learned from my own experience of running a business or two…

…But also from studying my clients and reading the stories of many others.

On most occasions the two things that cause most businesses to stagnate and even fail are these.

  1. Not knowing their customer. Not understanding your customer’s needs, wants and wishes.
  2. Failing to give their customer what they want often? Not giving your customers enough opportunity to buy the things that they want to buy.

Once you have been in business for a while you will soon work out that every time you tell your customers about a new product, a number of them will buy.

Where the skill comes in is learning to segment your customers into groups so that you can tailor offers that will be more appealing to that group.

This also means that instead of only being able to send out one offer at a time you can actually send out multiple offers to different groups of customers.

Here are two examples for you.

A site that sells a range of radio controlled models.

I am on the “Hobby King” mailing list because I fly small Quad-copters.

But most times I get an email from Hobby King it’s about cars, planes and boats.

Now although I may have a vague interest in these, I really only want to know about quad-copters.

I have never bought anything from Hobby King except quad-copter parts.

Even when I signed up for their Newsletter they could have asked me what I was interested in but they didn’t.

So what happens…

I keep getting emails about anything but Quadcopters and sooner or later I delete myself from their email list.

Instead…If they segmented me based on what I am interested in then they could have a far greater chance at selling to me.

They could also do a whole lot of other tests…including testing me on planes, cars and boats now and then.

I wouldn’t mind that but I just want to know what new Quad stuff they have.

A “Guru” selling email marketing info.

This is one that really gets me…

Most Gurus go on about segmentation and working out what your customer wants.

Do they do it? Nope.

I could be on their list for learning new email tactics but will get emails about using Facebook.

Yeah I know I could be interested in it…

But it’s not what I signed up for.

I want email tactics…

…But they ran out of those!

So they thought they better send me Facebook stuff.

That’s the type of thing that causes crap open and click through rates and lots of complaints.

Even Aweber and Getresponse have ways to segment your customers.

In fact, they both now have email automation (although I think Getresponse is better).

This means you can copy, move or tag customers based on their behaviour when you send them an email.

Well I hope you found this article interesting.

It seemed to turn into a bit of rant on my part but I hope you get the gist of what I am trying to show you.

Until next time


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