It’s not just about traffic…

Me and My Labradoodle

Me and My Labradoodle

If you have been doing business on or off the web you will probably already know that one of the most popular subjects is “How do I get more traffic?

Now don’t get me wrong I know as well as anyone that traffic is the “life blood” of a company and without it we cannot get customers.

The problem is that many small to medium size businesses seem to spend all their time on getting new traffic and very little on optimising and making the most of what they get already.

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I even see so called “Experts” out there actually telling their visitors…

It’s not worth the effort to spend the time making small changes to your sales process.

What a total load of “Crap”.



Traffic cost money or time (or both) and if you don’t optimise your sales process to make the most from it then you are throwing cash down the drain.

Let me show you quickly what I mean:

Now…This does involve a little maths but keep with me because it is important.

Let’s say no matter what you try you can’t increase your traffic.

Every month all you can get is 100 visitors.

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And just for simplicity you convert 10% of that traffic to customers.

100 x 10% = 10 customers.

Each customer spends £50 with this first order.

100 x 10% = 10 x 50 = £500

Now let’s say over the customers lifetime they order 3 times.

100 x 10% =10 x 50 x 3 = £1500

Now we can’t increase our traffic so we work on conversion and get that to 12%

100 x 12% = 12 x 50 x 3= £1800

We also work on increasing average order value

100 x 12% = 12 x 60 x 3= £2160

Finally, we spend a bit more time getting our customers to order again.

100 x 12% = 12 x 60 x 4= £2880

So, without getting one more person to visit us we have almost doubled our turnover.

This exactly why I say…

“It’s not just about the traffic”.

At the end of the day you can pay for traffic but the only way to make it cost effective is to optimise your sales process.

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Until Next Time.


Malcolm is an author, programmer, consultant and serial entrepreneur.
He has been email marketing for 15 years and it is his main passion.